CGC is equipped with World Standard Equipment

It is with great pleasure that CGC announces the completion of the upgrade of the Club’s Gymnastics equipment.

Main Gym

With the latest innovative and upgraded equipment, Centurion Gymnastics Club now not only has competition equipment of an international approved standard, but also is he best training facility in South Africa.

During 2018 & 2019 the club has invested R500 000 with the upgrading of the equipment.

A completed set of FIG certified Spieth equipment with be received and installed during March 2019. The Club is fully equiped to host international competitions.

Pre-school (BEE) & Junior Gym

Our preschool (BEE) / junior gym is situated next to the main gym.

All the equipment in our Preschool gym is designed and manufactured to provide safe, clean and energetic learning environment for our toddlers to gym in.

Adjacent to the preschool gym is the Junior Gym where our Star level boys and girls receive coaching on the high quality gymnastics equipment.

Angie’s Beam routine in Baku