Welcome to the Gym Stars program.  The program was developed by the Gymnastics Federation of Flanders, Belgium.

The program was developed for children in the age group 6-14 years.  One to two training sessions per week is required and the program comprises of five movement themes:

  1. Rotations
  2. Supports and Shapes
  3. Jump and Land
  4. Hangs and Swings
  5. Parallel Bars (Boys) & Balance Beam (Girls)

The above themes constitute the basis of 66 movement skills (Skill cards), which are taught in the six Star Levels and comprise of 1200 exercises.

Have lots of fun!

Star 1-6

  • Class Length: 45/60 minutes 1 x per week
  • Gender: Female / Male
  • Venue: Junior Gym /Main Gym