LEVEL 1 to 3

This is our first level of participation in a structured “testing” environment. The program belongs to the South African National Federation and emphasizes accomplishment as a goal and winning as a bonus.

Gymnasts take part in Club, Regional and Zone competitions in level 1 – 3 where they get rewarded according to their own personal score.

LEVEL 4 to 9

The program involves structured District, Provincial and National Competitions and Events. Gymnasts need to achieve qualifying scores to attain their district/provincial Colors.

CLASSES (Boys & Girls)

The FIG Age Group Development and Competition Programs include a testing and monitoring and development program for MAG, WAG and RG physical abilities and technical skills as well as a complete two-stream multi-level competition program with modified rules for age-group gymnasts and compulsory exercises for all ages. It also includes a variety of additional information related to developing a systematic gymnastics program that can lead to high performance.

The program was adopted and introduce by SAGF in 2012 /13

The Club does support the program for special selected gymnasts (boys & girls) although we do not currently cater specifically for such a group.

Junior & Senior Olympic

We currently have 6 gymnasts (men & women) that are competing on International level.