Gauteng Level 4+ Competition (MAG/WAG) – (10, 11 September)

The weekend of the 10, 11 September saw our gymnasts compete to see who will qualify for the National Gym Games that takes place from the 2 to the 8 October. […]

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Gauteng North Level 4+ Competition (MAG/WAG)

The Gauteng North Levels 4 and up competition for both MAG and WAG took place over the weekend. The results from this weekend are now up for viewing. […]

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Combined District & Provincials – Tumbling

The Combined District & Provincials Tumbling event took place over the weekend (21 August) and once again it was a huge success. Congratulations to our CG Club tumblers who took part and thank you to all the organisers, coaches, judges and parents. […]

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Summit Tumbling Invitational – 16/08/2021

Well done to all the tumbling gymnasts that took part in the Summit Tumbling Invitational event the past weekend. We are very proud of our gymnasts that took part and congratulations to the gymnasts that podiumed. […]

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CGC Invitational Levels 4+ (WAG/MAG)

The CGC Invitational Levels 4+ took place over the weekend of the 31st July. Congratulations to the gymnasts that competed and hope you achieved your goals. […]

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Tumble Mania Results – 20-27/06/2021

The weekend of the 20 and the 27 June saw the first Tumbling Competitions take place at Tumble Mania. We had a number of our level 1-3 tumbling gymnasts compete in what would be their first competition. A big shout out to Tumble Mania for a well-organised event. View all the results below. Find your […]

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