CG Club E-Learning Centre

At the Centurion Gymnastics Club, we are always striving to offer a well-rounded holistic environment for our children to grow and accomplish a healthy mind and body.

For this reason and the fact that we have the perfect facilities readily available we are introducing an E-Learning Centre.

The environment will be adequately equipped with individual booths for the learners. It will give them the space to concentrate and complete their on-line work at the pace required by the individual platform they are enrolled with.

In addition, all the e-learners will have the opportunity to take part in various physical free play activities during the day having access to certain of the Clubs facilities.

We are not tutors but rather facilitators. We are not there to teach the learners but just create a safe and quiet area for them to make use of. Each application will be handled individually and before commencing with the program a one-on-one meeting will be held with the parents to ensure that what we offer is in line with what the learner requires.

Initially we will only be offering this service two days a week. Depending on the demand this could be increased. This is not just for Centurion Club Members.

The days and times are as follows:

  • Tuesday 08h00 – 13h00
  • Thursday 08h00 – 13h00

The cost per day will range between R 155.00 to R 175.00 depending on the individual case scenario.

The most important information we need now is to ascertain what the interest and demand is from our Parents.

Please could you complete the form below if you are considering sending your child to our E-Learning Centre (this in no ways binds you or commits you to signing up).

Please respond before the 5th February.

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