Schedules for Gym Games WAG/MAG (1-8 Oct)

We have received the schedules for the Gym Games for both WAG & MAG. We are currenlty waiting for the Tumbling schedule and will inform everyone once we have received this information. You can download the applicable schedule below by clicking on the relevant option. Please also take note of the procedures, rules and regulations put in place for the event.

Please note the following procedures and rules that will apply for the duration of the WAG & MAG competition at Gym Games.

  • All gymnasts must please arrive in good time for grouping, which will take place outside the venue.
  • Prize giving will take place outside the venue.
  • Masks are to be worn throughout the competition, and may only be taken off while warming up and competing.
  • Please maintain social distancing.
  • Sanitize your hands regularly.
  • Gymnasts must provide their own chalk and spray bottles. Sharing is not allowed.