Keep First Things First When Raising Kids

Child development experts know: for preschoolers, acquiring healthy learning attitude is far more important than mastery of specific skills. Please compare: Tumble Bees is not like less sophisticated pre-school gymnastics programs. The Tumble Bees curriculum is carefully designed for exactly what children need most during these formative years. In Tumble Bees, gymnastics skills are used as tools to teach learning attitudes while skill mastery is a secondary goal. At CGC, we keep first things first…kids!

Fun Is Far More Than Meets The Eye!

One of the objectives of Tumble Bees is FUN! Of course, this is cool with the kids but parents sometimes fail to realize the importance of fun in a learning setting, especially for preschoolers. Adults often feel that when fun is present, learning is not. Nothing could be further from the truth.
Why is fun so important? All well-adjusted, life-long learners, at some point during their formative years formed a subconscious association when presented with a learning situation approximating: challenge= risk=learning=fun & excitement. In other words, “a challenge is worthy of my best effort in and of itself”.

More Valuable Than a Tertiary Education!

As parents and teachers, it’s critical to remember THERE IS NO SECOND BEST CHANCE IN A PERSON’S LIFE TO FORM POSITIVE LEARNING ATTITUDES THAN THE PRESCHOOL YEARS. As so many parents find out the hard way with their teenagers, you simply can’t turn back the clock to teach learning attitudes. In short, we believe strongly, the learning attitudes your child learns in Tumble Bees have MORE BEARING ON SUCCESS THAN A TERTIARY EDUCATION!

Humble Bees 19 months – 2 years (Parent Participation)–Our safe and fun baby gym is strategically designed to provide uninhibited exploration. Our lesson plans promote social interaction through parent-child bonding activities and gross motor play. Your child will be introduced to many new concepts such as circle time, sequencing activities and a group activity in the BIG KID GYM. These classes are primarily for fun and child/parent bonding..

Busy Bees 2 -3 years (Parent Participation)– This high energy, action packed class is sure to foster healthy independence and confidence. Teachers and parents will work together to introduce key concepts such as taking turns, sharing, listening and following directions. Our carefully designed Tumble Bee activities will capture your child’s imagination while developing gross motor skills and early gymnastics activities. We select age appropriate developmental movements with a strong emphasis on social group.

Tumble Bees 3 – 4 years (No Parents)– No parents here…three year olds are on their own! Three year old Tumble Bees are learning how to stay with a group, beginning to understand and follow directions and are developing independence from their parent. Our lesson plans will build on those concepts while introducing your child to physical activities that will engage their imagination while developing gross motor strength, coordination and early gymnastics fundamentals.There are mountains to climb, rivers to swim, canyons to jump, vines to swing and trampolines to jump on! More physically challenging skills give the children stronger bodies and sharper minds, as well as a clear understanding of their bodies’ capabilities and limitations

Kinder Bees 4 – 5 years (No Parents)– These children are beginning to really step out and move! At this age, your child has gained listening skills which allow for more opportunities to learn. Forward and backward rolling, cartwheels, and handstands begin to take shape. By creatively incorporating more skill development into our lesson plans, your child will get hooked on learning!