Fun and Child / Parent Bonding

The Bees Gymnastics Program is a motor-coordination, physical education program with a strong emphasis on gymnastics. Not only will your son or daughter improve their loco-motor skills development (hopping, skipping, running, crawling, landing, swinging, leaping, etc.) but they will also be introduced to preschool / early elementary social awareness skills (sharing, taking turns, courtesy, following rules, listening and directional skills, etc.).

Students also get introduced to basic gymnastics skill development (climbing, rolling, hand support skills, balancing) as well as general physical fitness skills (catching, throwing, eye hand coordination, kicking).

This is all accomplished through a positive, fun, and energetic learning environment.

Honey Bees:  18mnths – 23mnths

Tumble Bees:  2 – 3 years

Super Bees: 3-4 years

Bumble Bees: 4-5 years

Kinder Bees: 5-6 years