Adult Gymnastics

It’s a lifelong way to stay strong, flexible and have fun. Whether you join a class because you never had a chance to try gymnastics as a kid, or because you want to get into shape. Rest assured the atmosphere during Adult Gymnastics is warm and welcoming with lots of laughter and teamwork, no matter what your level.

Who is this class for?

Anyone who has a secret desire to bounce on a trampoline. Beginners with no experience, former gymnasts with rusty skills and anyone who wants to get in shape, improve their balance, flexibility and co-ordination.

The class is designed for adults at the beginner and intermediate level who want to develop their tumbling abilities, receive a well-balanced cardio/strength/flexibility workout, and enjoy the company of like-minded individuals!

This class is also perfect if you have never done gymnastics or were once a gymnast or you just want a new challenge.

Classes will consist of using the following events: – Spring Floor (men & women), Balance Beam, Uneven Bar (women), High bar, Parallel Bar, Rings (men), Trampoline (men & women).

Class Details

Age: 18+ years. Let us know if you have done gymnastics before
When: 2 x per week on Tuesdays & Thursdays 19h00 – 20h00
Where: Centurion Gymnastics Club – 012 663 6639

How do you register: Complete the enquire form below, the contact us form or contact our offices for assistance.
Coaches: Adrian Pelser and Ruthzaan Pretorius. Both are ex-gymnasts at the National level and currently qualified coaches at our club.

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